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FPGA Board Beginner Tutorial: Instantiate it! Experiment 1 LED shifting

Hi, I'm waiting for my FII-PRA010 pocket board to be delivered, but I downloaded and installed Intel Quartus  and ModelSim and started with expectation a virtual board would be enough. But I'm unsure about "As shown in Figure 1.18, click PLL1.v. The main window will display the contents of the PLL, find the module name and port list, copy it to the top level entity, and instantiate it." What does instantiate mean? Start a new file? With the "Project Navigator?" .qip or .v file? Also every step after Figure 1.16 is numbered step 1. I'm not sure if that's an error or oversight.

There seem to be several more files to be made that are numbered like old BASIC files. The instructions are again to "instantiate" these, and I haven't even got to the instructions for the Intel FPGA Download Cable (which is where I'd plug in the physical board).